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Hampi : A journey to the lost kingdom – Part 3


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On Day 2, after checking out from our homestay, we started with a nice breakfast from Hampi Bazaar . Our first stop for the day was Malyavantha Raghunatha Temple. It is located on top of a hill. According to history Rama and Lakshmana along with Monkey army sought shelter at this spot during the monsoons on their march to rescue Sita from Ravana. There is a sunrise point behind the temple. You can walk towards the cliff side behind the temple which will give you a nice view of paddy fields. The temple have 24 hours puja and you can continuously hear the chanting.

Breakfast at Hampi Bazaar
Malyavantha Ragunatha Temple
Malyavantha Ragunatha Temple Arch
View of paddy fields from Malyavanta Raghunatha temple

The Chintamani Temple and Sugreeva Cave was our next stop. This temple is located in the banks of river Thungabadra. There is a small cave, according to the legends it’s where Rama shot the arrow to kill Bali. From there we set of to the Durga temple in Anegundi. A set of stairs leads to beautiful and colorful temple premises. We were lucky enough to witness a traditional wedding ceremony. You can trek upwards towards the viewpoint and an underground Snake temple.

Near Sugreeva Cave
A view of Pampa Sarovar from Snake Temple

After a short stop at the Shri Ganesha Temple & Pampa Sarovar, we went to Monkey Temple on the Anjanadri Betta. A long climb of 570 steps will lead towards the temple on top. There is a beautiful view of the Vijaya Vittala Temple in the banks Thungabadra from the top.

An interesting automated drum in Shri Ganesha Temple

We decided to come out of the temple run and chill at the party hub of Hampi, The Hippie Island. This was our last stop with Vali (our guide) who dropped us of at the island. The Hippie Island lies on the other side of Virupaksha Temple separated by the Thungabadra. This area is full of eateries and souvenir shops. Alcohol and Non Vegetarian food is also available at the island. We had a fun lunch here and relaxed till about 4.30PM.

At Hippie Island

You can either take the ferry or Coracle ride towards the Hampi Bazaar on the opposite side of the river. The ferry ride was fun and short. After reaching the other side, we went to the most famous landmark in Hampi, The Virupaksha Temple. The temple was fully crowded with devotees and tourists. You can meet the beautiful Lakshmi, the adorable elephant who gives blessings (but with a cost!).

Virupaksha Temple
Blessings from Lakshmi!

After winding up our visit by 6.00 PM, we moved on to the bus stop to catch the 6.30 PM bus towards Hospet Junction. The bus was crowded, but luckily we found seats. You can request the conductor to drop you off at a bus stop near the Railway station if you are taking the train. With beautiful memories of this truly wonderful and majestic kingdom, we boarded the train to Bangalore.

Hampi Route Map

Hampi Route Map

Tips for Hampi trip

  • Reach Malyavantha Temple early morning to see the Sunrise.
  • There are no ATMs in Hampi or Hippie Island, so be sure to keep enough cash with you.
  • Ferry to Hampi bazaar from Hippie Island closes around 6.30.P.M so plan your trip accordingly.

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